Restaurant “Barbarestan”
The 19th century’s writer and women rights active defender, noble woman, Kneina Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze and her book “Complete Cousin” is the main source of inspiration for creation of the restaurant “Barbarestan” The main concept for creation of the restaurant “Barbarestan” is to preserve Georgian Cousin diversity, to modify its old and traditional dishes, while preserving their originality. Dishes, that are served “Barbarestan” , is an attempt of a new vision of the book dated as of 1914, that was discovered at the picturesque place. The main goal of the restaurant is to develop Georgian gastronomic culture , as well as service sector. We fully acknowledge the path that Georgian gastronomic culture has passed from 19th up to date and understand responsibility and commitment before Georgian culture and traditions. Respecting Georgian culture and traditions, integration with modern achievements, preserve link between past and present time, fairness, respect – these are the main values we will stand for. Dishes served “ Barbarestan” are based on original, natural products and we try to show to the visitors their value. Our contractors are natural products producing companies, this decision facilitates Georgian producing development in the regions. Georgian wine, country and culture unique mark is represented at the restaurant. Wine and dish appropriate combination, is one of the main components of our gastronomic philosophy. The restaurant “’Barbarestan” is an attitude, history and culture. Georgian and foreign visitors have an opportunity to become the part of this tradition. To become a part of the greatest Master Chef, Kneina Barbare Jorjadze-Eristavi treasure, act as ambassadors in Georgian modern gastronomy, preserve and develop it’s values after two centuries, Is enormous responsibility and honor for us.