Barbare Jorjadze
A noble woman, Kneina Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze was born in Kakheti region, village Kistauri in 1833. Father Davit Eristavi and his family played an important role in her life and she like her family continued literary traditions. Orphaned young Barbare was grew up by the father and the nanny. According to the tradition of noble family, young women received education at home, Barbare was not an exception. Barbare Jorjadze was 12 years old, when she got married to Zaqaria Jorjadze. Regardless her difficult childhood and many life challenges, she actively was involved in public and cultural life, was women rights defender. Kneina Barbara is a first publicist and woman writer, whose works were published by the journal “Ciskari” Her strong, stubborn character and feminist spirit is represented in her literary texts. One of the biggest treasure of Barbare Jorjadze “Complete Cuisine” , which is still valuable for Georgian culture and history, was first published in 1874. The complete circulation of the book was sold shortly afterwards and only in 1914 was republished (second edition) again. “Complete Cuisine” is not just set of recipes, one can face history of era, culture and identity. Barbare Jorjadze is an artist and Georgian Cuisine revolutionary, who has turned into one book multinational cosine of all parts of Georgia and Tiflis. At the same time, the book represents the sequence of rules for European dishes, hosting, table and dishes set. The concept of healthy product and its value was put forward. Barbara Jorjadze-Eristavi's culinary masterpiece "Complete Cuisine" became inspiration and creative motivation for Maka Djibuti and her family to unify in one space all the goodness of Georgian cuisine.